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UN IOM & TAT WIN join hands in migrant workers protection

International Organization for Migration (IOM) of the United Nations, together with TAT WIN, uses blockchain-based technology to better protect migrant workers.

This initiative is part of IOM’s regional drive that aims to uphold the human and labour rights of migrant workers in businesses' operations and supply chains.

In recent years, Thailand has been one of the world’s largest exporters of natural rubber. Like other key export industries, the rubber industry is largely reliant on migrant workers. Companies may be unintentionally involved in unethical recruitment and labour exploitation, especially if they do not monitor the recruitment and employment conditions of migrant workers across their operations. Technologies like eMin, a mobile-optimized and blockchain-based platform developed by Diginex and built on the open-source and secure Tezos Protocol, a self-upgradeable proof of stake blockchain, can help in collecting data from migrant workers.

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