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EU Deforestation Regulation Implementation

A shared goal
EUDR Project

Our shared goal with the EU is to fight deforestation and forest degradation

TAT WIN is dedicated to ensuring that our supply chain meets the highest sustainability and traceability standards.

We do this by complying with the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) — which prohibits products linked to deforestation and degradation from entering the EU market.

We have designed new policies and actions based on the EUDR to eliminate, if not — minimise protocol breaches

We aim to align ourselves with EUDR by developing a comprehensive analyses, implementing due diligence systems, education and training of stakeholders and risk mitigation practices.

Continuous commitment to EUDR

EUDR is around the corner and we haven't been sitting on our hands.

We have implemented several policies, learnt from our efforts and continue to improve on them — each designed around the EUDR compliance requirements.

As compliance standards continue to evolve for EUDR, TAT WIN is committed to adapting new standards and regulations.

Traceable down to plantation-level

TAT WIN Synchronised Traceability™ system

TAT WIN Synchronised Traceability™ system uses digital technologies to enhance our documentation and record-keeping processes.

It is designed to give you full latex provenance — allowing you to trace any order and get Bill of Lading/Delivery order details, machine and worker IDs, supplier and farmer details.

Our system can even trace down to the granular details like purchase dates from small holders.

Technology-powered traceability
Order Number
Production process
Production process
Production process
TAT WIN EUDR Polygon Co-ordinates
Supply chain analysis

Polygon mapping and geolocation

Since 2023, we have been conducting thorough analyses of our supply chains to identify potential risks related to deforestation.

This involves polygon mapping and the collection of geolocation coordinates of plantations that we source latex from — and using these data to assess for links to deforestation.

Sustainability is our practice

Certification programs

TAT WIN is FSC™ CoC Certified (FSC™ C151320) — providing assurance that your latex is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Collaboration with stakeholders

Training and education

We have been actively engaging with smallholders to foster collaborative efforts in addressing deforestation issues.

These include educational workshops, technical assistance, access to sustainable practices and sharing of best practices.

Transparency and Reporting

Full disclosure

TAT WIN shares all sustainability initiatives and Due Diligence reports with third party auditors, CSOs and customers to demonstrate our commitment to EUDR compliance.

TAT WIN also provides data such as geolocation coordinates for EUDR Due Diligence Statement submissions.

Beyond eUDR

Promoting biodiversity

TAT WIN take a hands-on approach by conducting educational workshops on deforestation and forest degradation with smallholders and plantation owners.

We also invest in initiatives that aim to restore degraded land and promote biodiversity.

TAT WIN staff taking a sample of the sand on a plantation.
TAT WIN Rubber Saplings
Tatwin rubber plantation.