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TAT WIN | aerial view of one of our communities of operation.
TAT WIN Forest Management Group Picture
TAT WIN | Forest Management Group Initiative
TAT WIN Staff Performing Ground Check
TAT WIN Rubber Saplings
TAT WIN | Sustainability Support
TAT WIN staff wearing face masks and undergoing vaccinations during COVID
TAT WIN staff undergoing vaccinations during COVID
TAT WIN staff during a training session.
Sustainability is our practice

FSC™ COC certified

We are both FSC™ FM Forest Management and FSC™ COC Certified (FSC™ C151320).

Our processes are regularly inspected and audited by major international customers who demand responsible, sustainable and reliable products and manufacturing practices.

we are FSC™ Compliant
Supply chain traceability

EU Deforestation Regulation implementation

At TAT WIN, we have a due diligence system in place for EUDR — it includes polygon mapping, the collection of geolocation coordinates and purchase documents, risk assessment and risk mitigation measures.

Our EUDR Implementation Project
Respecting every human's right

Responsible recruitment and ethical employment

Our employment principles adheres to United Nations Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights.

When hiring, we give special attention to migrant workers — who are most at risk of abuse.

how we recruit responsibly

Trusted by global brands since 2001

We have a long-trusted customer base with our latex concentrate — it is widely used for all natural latex based products including examination gloves, surgical gloves, household gloves, latex thread, condoms, catheters, adhesives and latex foam products.

  • We have a global capacity of
    180,000 tonnes
    trees coverage of 60 - 105 million
  • We operate
    120 units of GEA LTC 200
    high performance Centrifugal Separators
  • We have
    4,480+ hectares
    responsibly-sourced rubber
  • We support and buy from
    over 20,000 smallholder farmers
    and growing
TAT WIN | High ammonia TZ natural rubber latex concentrate

High Ammonia Natural Rubber Latex Concentrate

TAT WIN | Low ammonia TZ natural rubber latex concentrate

Low Ammonia TZ Natural Rubber Latex Concentrate

TAT WIN | Natural block rubber made out of latex

Block Rubber

Tatwin | NIR Quality-control laboratory

NIR Quality-control Laboratory Tests

TAT WIN is the only latex concentrate manufacturer in the world to be compliant with all of the following:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001
  • Halal
  • Green Industry
  • FSC™ FM Forest Management
  • FSC™ COC Certified (FSC™ C151320)
  • SEDEX SMETA 4-Pillar audited
  • California OEHHA Proposition 65 list-compliant
  • European ECHA REACH-compliant
  • UK REACH-compliant
TAT WIN Technology framework

Digital business processes for credible sustainability

TAT WIN staff undergoing digital training with Quizrr

TAT WIN leverages digital technologies as the way forward — and has ambitions to be a technologically advanced, data-driven Latex provider.

Tech-driven sustainability

We have employed digital technologies to create TAT WIN Synchronised Traceability™ system for FSC™ CoC traceability (FSC™ C151320) and EUDR supply chain traceability, as well as to enhance our efforts in worker rights protection.

Continual testing

TAT WIN continues to conduct closed-loop, test-and-learn scenarios and we're on track to accelerate our transformation into a digitally-powered Latex provider.

There shouldn't be any compromise between your latex — and the people who make them and the planet that is sharing it with us.

Maintaining high business ethics and operating with the best practices is our way of adding positivity to the value chain — for both people and planet.

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SEDEX Sustainability Awards 2023

TAT WIN has been shortlisted for SEDEX Sustainability Awards 2023.
TAT WIN shortlisted for SEDEX sustainability award 2023
TAT WIN shares recruitment Due Diligence insights at GFRR2022

TAT WIN shares Recruitment Due Diligence insights at GFRR2022

The Global Forum for Responsible Recruitment is the world's leading initiative for ethical employment. Find out how TAT WIN uses technology to perform Recruitment Due Diligence.

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The surrounding villages are prone to seasonal flooding. Every monsoon season, TAT WIN is there for the community, distributing water, medical supplies & other essential supplies.
TAT WIN distributing water, medical supplies and other essentials to villages affected by seasonal flooding.
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