Latex dripping from a rubber tree into a bowl tied to the tree.

FSC™ Compliant Latex Concentrate


TAT WIN is FSC™ CoC Certified (FSC™ C151320)

We are FSC™ Compliant

TAT WIN's FSC™ CoC certification guarantees that your latex products has a traceable chain of command and is compliant to the FSC™ core labour requirements.

  • We clearly identify and track FSC™ CoC Certified latex during the manufacturing and distribution processes.
  • Every FSC™ CoC Certified latex production, purchase, and sale is documented and recorded.
  • There are clear policies against Child or Forced Labor at every stage of the supply chain.
  • There is no discrimination in employment and occupation.
  • Every TAT WIN employee has the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
Latex on a rubber tree
TAT WIN | Sustainability Support
TAT WIN | gallons filled with latex
TAT WIN staff in a plantation of rubber trees.
FSC™ CoC Certified Latex
FSC™ C151320
FSC™ CoC Certified Latex

Tap Into TAT WIN's Traceability Flow

Technologically-powered traceability

TAT WIN Synchronised Traceability™ system adheres to the FSC™ CoC standards and accounts for every touchpoint of our product.

From Farmer data to the Bill of Lading — our technology-powered processes ensure that every stage of our latex production is thoroughly documented and tracked.

Member data (Farmers) at Collection center
Receiving field latex section
Concentrated latex section
Quality assurance section
Shipping department

Inspections and audits

TAT WIN audit team carrying out inspection.

Internal audits and inspections

TAT WIN regularly conducts internal audits — these thorough assessments guarantee that our products meet the highest quality, sustainability, and reliability standards.

Client site visits

We welcome clients and NGOs to experience our manufacturing process and visit our plantations.

Contact us for a site visit
Tatwin rubber plantation.

Eligible for FSC™ labelling

TAT WIN FSC™ CoC certified latex is eligible for FSC™ labelling and may be promoted with the FSC™ trademarks label on FSC™ certified products following the requirements specified in FSC-STD-50-001.

TAT WIN | stamp of FSC certification - the mark of responsible forestry